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The Great Battle between Good and Evil

Schatten zum Licht

The Great

This book offers a glimpse into the past, the present and the future.

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The story of hope

Translated into more than 70 languages, it provides an impressive overview of the history of the Christian West as well as a sharp look behind the scenes of world events.

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I received the book "The Great Controversy". It made me so happy personally ... Our Lord answered my prayers for the truth.


I met God only three months ago and invited Him into my life. Then all of a sudden I get a message about this book. God is great, I'm sure He wants to tell me something through this book.

I received a flyer from someone that led me to your website and your videos today. Now I would like to read your book "The Great Controversy" next.


Desire of

Jesus changed the world like no one else. Learn more about the life of Jesus.

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Der Sieg der Liebe

The book Desire of Ages describes the person and work of Jesus Christ with unique beauty. Even after 2000 years, he remains the most fascinating figure in human history. No one has left such a profound and lasting mark on this world and given it such a human face as he has done for generations. His life, death and resurrection are sensitively traced through the four Gospels.