To ensure that the good news of hope reaches as many people as possible, the flyers can be ordered from us free of charge. We are happy about every single distributor.

Note for distributors and flyer purchasers (consent required when ordering flyers)

Please note the following important points when distributing the flyers:

  • Do not put flyers in mailboxes marked "No Advertising" (or similar)
  • Do not distribute in the mailboxes of government agencies or public institutions (e.g. schools, kindergartens)
  • Not in the mailboxes of tradesmen, doctors, lawyers, companies ...
  • Do not put them under the windshield wipers of cars
  • Do not fill out flyers in other people's names.
Flyers can only be ordered if these points are respected!

Would you like to take part?

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Flyer type 1 - Voucher for book order


Flyer Type 2 - Turkish, Arabic, Farsi

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