Desire of Ages

Desire of Ages

About the book

A few years ago a very interesting study was published by the famous Cambridge University. The historical significance of people was measured by computational analysis of Wikipedia and newspaper articles, as well as a myriad of scanned books. The results were published in the study "Who's bigger? ( The first place in the ranking of the 100 most important people in history is Jesus Christ. In fact, there is no other historical figure about whom so much has been written and reported.

Der Sieg der Liebe

But what distinguishes the simple carpenter Jesus of Nazareth from other figures such as Mahatma Gandhi, Julius Caesar or Alexander the Great?

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Why this book is a must read:

  • The person and work of Jesus Christ is described with unique vividness and clarity in the four Gospels
  • Those who encounter Jesus and His message are not left untouched: Millions of people have found a new, happier life through Jesus
  • By recognizing God's unconditional love, it offers hope and peace even in the darkest hours
  • It is very informative and encourages you to trust in Jesus Christ and experience the powerful healing power of faith